Publishing Capabilities

Are you worried about bad contents in your article? Do you not want everyone to publish the article? Do you want to set different capabilities for different users not allowing everyone to publish or approve the article?

It’s as Simple as ABC with Helpie. Just go to dashboard -> Helpdesk -> Helpie settings -> Core -> Publishing.


You can now assign capabilities to any user roles as you wish. Below are the three capabilities in detail:

Who can edit articles:

User Role with “Who can edit articles” capability can add any new article from the front-end but cannot publish it. As you can see in the screenshot above, he/she can only submit for Review. His/her article will be saved as pending in the back-end and only admin or the one who has the editor user role can approve the post.

He/She can also edit posts which are published by others which will be saved as revisions. He/She can also see the differences made between two revisions.

Who can publish articles:

User Role with “Who can publish articles” capability can add any new article from the front-end and can publish it without the need to be approved.

He can also edit and publish changes made by others but can only see the last revision for an article. He can’t see all the changes done in that article.

Who can approve article edits:

User Role with this capability can approve the article published by “Can edit” capability. He can also see all the changes done for that article and can publish any revision done for that article.

By default, Administrator will have all user capabilities assigned.

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