Is your current 401k
plan hurting your

Financial wellness reduces employee stress, improves overall physical health and increases productivity… all of which help both your business and your employees thrive.

Why you should switch to a peppermint retirement plan:

You'll probably reduce expenses
  • PEP fees are almost always less than a 401k or MEP 
  • Only a $750 one time initial setup fee
  • $1,008 annual provider administration fee
  • Investments have a lower net expense ratios 
  • Traditional 401ks may all-in fees of 1.2% to 3.64% for fees and expenses on 0-10M Assets Under Management (AUM) 
  • No audit costs for participating companies (for example an audit of a 180 person company could cost more than $15K) 
  • Tax incentives for PEP participation
Investment performance will probably improve
  • Peppermint offers a better line-up of diversified and low-cost mutual funds – click here to see our funds
  • We craft our risk-based investment models using mean variance optimization
  • No expensive, underperforming funds which give fees to the investment advisor
  • We offer ongoing, holistic financial wellness support – click here to learn more
Less liability and less hassle
  • Our investment advisor, Grey Fox, takes full 3(38) fiduciary responsibility for investments so employers don’t have to be full or co-fiduciary – to learn more about Grey Fox click here
  • We handle things like annual testing, hardship distributions, employee communications, and more – to learn more about roles and responsibilities click here

Why don’t companies switch retirement plans?

They think it's going to be hard and time consuming
  • Actually, it’s pretty easy. We’ll help you every step of the way. You’ll have some docs to sign, a letter to send (we’ll give you the template), and a couple of hours of work spread over the regulatory five-week transition period
They don't realize how much their plan is costing the company
  • Many providers hide fees and charges in fund-level net expense ratios, peppermint doesn’t
They are worried about rolling over funds and assets under management
  • We make this easy and can help you transition funds from a variety of sources (401k, MEP, IRA) easily and securely
They have a personal relationship with the plan advisor
  • We love personal relationships with our partner companies, but we won’t charge you for them

Discover the power of a
peppermint pooled employer plan.

Works for any employer, any size group, and any employee.

    Lower fees and less adminstration 

    Customizable discretionary plans

    Risk-free safe harbor plans

    No audit fees

    Industry-standard investment funds

    White glove transition support

    Ongoing financial wellness support

    Dedicated customer support

Are you currently in a Multi-Employer Plan (MEP)?
We’ve got you covered.

PEPS are better than MEPs… no bad apples, no industry affiations. Contact us to learn more.

Our white glove transition
team makes switching to
peppermint easy.

Launch your own peppermint retirement program today.