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SMB Employee Retirement Benefits

Now, more than ever before, employees value the benefits that companies can provide them. Making sure your business has solid healthcare and retirement plans give your employees peace of mind and promotes employee welfare. Retirement plans, especially, give employees a chance to plan for their personal futures and their future within your company.

  • Exact steps to join a 401k
  • How to lower your fees
  • Introduction to PEPs

Present a Pooled Employer Plan to Your Employees

In this eBook, we’ll go over what a 401k and pooled employer is, how SMBs can benefit from offering a retirement plan, types of plans and their options, and what you can share with your employees to help boost participation in your retirement benefits.

  • 401k basics coverage
  • Benefits of offering a 401k for SMBs
  • Helping your team understand and get excited about their 401k