Holistic Financial
Wellness Program

Financial wellness reduces employee stress, improves overall physical health and increases productivity… all of which help both your business and your employees thrive

We are here for you and your team
every step of the way.

We don’t disappear after enrollment day. We kick off your financial wellness program
with presentations on subjects that are pertinent to your retirement plan

Session 1

  • Your Peppermint Pooled Employer Plan (Details of the PEP)
  • Allocation Review
    (Overview of the value
    of allocation
    & diversification)

Session 3

  • Equities and Bonds 
    (Overview of general investment options)
  • Opening an
    Investment Account
    (Steps to open an additional acccount)

Session 3

  • Retirement &
    Taxable Accounts

    (Differences between investment vehicles)
  • Cash Reserve
    (Review of an “appropriate cash reserve”)

Session 4

  • Financial Planning
    (Planning for key events- college, mortgages, etc.)
  • Legacy Planning
    (Introduction to
    wills/trusts and
    long-term planning)

Finance Fridays

 Monthly one-on-one “Question and Answer sessions available to all employees on the first Friday of each month. During these informal, virtual conversations the employee has a chance to individually discuss specific questions and finance-related topics with a partner from Grey Fox Wealth Advisors

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