The Ultimate Guide To

SMB Employee Retirement Benefits

Now, more than ever before, employees value the benefits that companies can provide them. Making sure your business has solid healthcare and retirement plans gives your employees peace of mind and promotes employee welfare. Retirement plans, especially, give employees a chance to plan for their personal futures and their future within your company.

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Exact Steps To Join A 401K Plan

We lay out the five steps necessary to join a 401k plan for your business. Confidently and easily set up the preliminary retirment account needed to offer for your employees. Never miss a step with this checklist.

How To Lower Your Fees

The cost of offering a 401k varies depending on the size of your business, the type of plan you have, the plan provider, and the number of participants. Using this newly formed retirement plan you can lower your fees by grouping your plan with others.

Introduction To PEPs

PEP, which is an abbreviated version of Pooled Employer Plans is a new cost-effective retirement plan that has changed the retirement landscape. As of 2019 Businesses are allowed to pool their company benefits together to lower overall costs.

Never worry about retaining employees again!

With remote work becoming the new normal and other unprecedented changes in the job
market, prospective employees are looking for long term benefits – and that includes
retirement plans.

There are several types of retirement plans available to businesses in the market right now, including Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs), the traditional 401k, and the newer PEPs

Offering retirement options for your employees has been shown to vastly increase retention and lure great new talent also.