Why peppermint?

Because saving for retirement shouldn’t be hard

Creating a 401k for employees takes time, money, and creates risk for the plan sponsor, not to mention how confusing they can be. We think that offering a great retirement program should be easy and affordable. We created peppermint so that every employee can have an option to save for their future.

Why peppermint

It’s our specialty

 Peppermint isn’t a big bank or financial
company, and we don’t have hundreds of
plans or options for you to consider. We do
one thing and do it well.

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Who is peppermint

Peppermint was created by a group of
business owners, entrepreneurs, and
benefits experts who have been on both
sides of the table as employee and employer.
When the US government approved the
Pooled Employer model, we saw an
opportunity to simplify savings plans and
expand access to retirement options. Thus,
peppermint was born.

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Our Partners

Peppermint works with some of the most
trusted names in retirement planning

Tell your boss about peppermint

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