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Give employees the retirement plan options they need without the extra cost, risk, or work.

Start your own retirement plan with a one time set up fee of $750 and just $84 a month for any size group.

Improve employee retention,
recruitment, and satisfaction

What is a Small Business 401k Plan

Small Business 401k Plans allow business owners to pool retirement resources with other employers and make retirement plans less expensive and easier to manage.

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 Why choose a Small Business 401k Plan

Add a Small Business 401k Plan (like peppermint) to the mix and you have an easy and affordable way to offer your employees a retirement plan. It’s something that can go a long way these days in increasing employee satisfaction (and therefore retention), as well as attracting top talent.

Does my business qualify?

Companies of any size can join a Pooled Employer Plan AND employers
starting a new plan may be eligible for SECURE Act tax credits of up to
$15,000 over three years.*

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Why should I sign up with peppermint?

With peppermint as your plan sponsor, you can give your employees the
retirement plan options they want without the cost, risk, and administrative
burden of a traditional 401k. Improve employee satisfaction, retention, and recruitment while helping your team save for the future.

How does peppermint
compare to a traditional 401k

A peppermint Small Business Retirement Plan can work for almost any business, not just SMBs and start-ups. We work with any size group.
Our plans are designed to make it easy for any employer and offer several advantages over traditional 401ks.


Lower employer costs

Combining multiple employers lets you leverage group buying power which means lower fees and less paperwork and maintenance

Less risk

Peppermint acts as your fiduciary which limits your liability

Easy launch

Peppermint reduces the employer’s work. We manage vendors, work with investment managers, and find other companies to expand the pool

No filings, forms, audits, or notifications

Peppermint is responsible for signing & filing required forms including the 5500 and 8555-SSA, any audits, and all employee notifications


Higher costs and admin

Administrative costs are typically higher, and the employer is responsible for more administrative tasks 

More risk

The employer is the plan fiduciary and therefore assumes all risk

More tasks

The employer is responsible for plan set up, ongoing plan maintenance, investment selection, and working directly with vendors

Filings, forms, audits, and notifications

Employers are responsible for signing and filing all forms, initiating and funding applicable audits, and notifying employees

Tax Credits

Setting up a PEP may give you up to $15,000+ in tax credits over 3 years. Consult your tax advisor to determine credits* 

Run the Numbers

Use the peppermint calculator to determine costs and compare options

We know that peppermint might not be right for every business, which is why we’ve created this calculator. Our plan calculator will give you an idea of how your perfect retirement plan will affect your bottom line.

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